Brighton and Hove

At Crossroads we offer something different.  A high quality, consistent & reliable service provided by an organisation that really cares about & understands carers’ needs.

If you care for an elderly, ill or disabled friend or relative at home, you’ll know how stressful a job it can sometimes be. You may have people around you who can help out for time to time but wouldn’t it be great if you had regular respite from someone you can trust?

We provide respite visits to enable carers to have a well-earned break from their caring responsibilities for a few hours a week. The visits are personally tailored to meet our client’s needs.
Over 98% of our clients are satisfied with our service & it’s not hard to see why…

Highly Qualified and Experienced
All our staff are trained to the highest levels. We exceed the guidelines for staff training because we believe in giving carers peace of mind.
Over 98% of our clients say our service is reliable.
Continuity of Care
We always aim to provide the same member of staff for each client. This means that our clients will see the same staff member every week & build up a relationship with their worker.
Full Length Visits
Our visits are never cut short by the worker. We stay for the full length of the visit, clocking in and & out so we guarantee the visit is never rushed.


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