Our Services

  • We provide respite to people caring for a relative or friend. 
  • We work with children & adults with a variety of disabilities.
  • We provide home visits but are also able to take clients out if it is safe to do so.
  • Visits can be on weekdays, weekends or evenings.
  • We offer a three hour visit a week free of charge; subject to availability.
  • We also provide a private service. This can be used alongside the free service or on its own.

Rates for all private work are as follows:
Monday to Friday 9am-6pm: £16 an hour
Monday to Friday 6pm-9am: £17 an hour
Saturday & Sunday anytime: £18 an hour
Bank holidays: £20 an hour
Waking nights: £17 an hour

  • We also provide free night visits which are funded by donations; subject to availability.
  • The public can refer themselves for a service as well as professionals. Just call or email us.


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